Is Karl Urban a Romulan Badass in Star Trek 11?

It would appear that J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek 11 movie is picking up steam, with (possible) castings of all the younger versions of the Enterprise’s crew already announced. So if you have the good guys, what’s next? Oh right, the bad guys. According to IESB, they know who the bad guy is going to be, and who is going to play them. Maybe. The name they’re throwing around is Karl Urban, who recently starred as a Viking/Indian warrior in the period epic actioner “Pathfinder”. He was also in “Chronicles of Riddick” and can be seen in the upcoming “Black Water Transit”.

More from IESB:

The IESB is hearing that the Big Baddie Romulan may be portrayed by Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings, Pathfinder). Industry sources are telling us an offer has been put out to the Auckland actor by the studio and they are waiting for an acceptance (or denial if he’s a bit loony). The only project he has in the pipeline is “RUN” that’s listed in pre-production. But, considering the director is John McTiernan and he’s going to be a bit busy making license plates for the next four months, RUN will more than likely be postponed giving Urban plenty of open scheduling space.

So what exactly does Romulans have to do with Trek 11? Read here for the SPOILERIFIC details.

Karl Urban is an interesting choice. He’s not exactly an unknown; he’s been in a ton of films, but I’m pretty sure Joe America has no idea who he is, and he would make a pretty good villain.

Is Karl Urban a Romulan Badass in Star Trek 11?