Is Kevin Smith’s Horror Movie Red State Dead?

Har har, get it? I’m talking about a horror movie called “Red State”, and I ask in the title, “is it dead”. Get it? Oh man, I kill me. But I digress. The sewer dwellers at CHUD thinks that Kevin Smith’s oft-mention first foray into horror movies, “Red State” (Smith’s take on Red State evangelical nutcases) might have fallen by the wayside ala Smith’s futile efforts on the “Green Hornet” movie. CHUD points to an interview Smith did with MTV, in which he mentions that he might postpone “Red State” (for which he still hasn’t finished the script for) in favor of slotting “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” as his next movie.

Here’s what Smith said to MTV:

“I went to go work on Zack and Miri, so I’m still working on the script for Red State. We’re not sure. We were going to shoot Red State first and then Zack and Miri second, but we might flip-flop “˜em, [do] Zack and Miri first. Script’s done [and] it’s out to actors now. We’ve just submitted our budget so we’re trying figure out if we’ll shoot in the fall or in the winter.”

To be honest, I’m a moderate fan of Smith. I find him actually a lot funnier in person than his movies end up being. For instance, his recounting of his “Superman Lives” experience is downright brilliant. His movies? Not so much.

Having said that, I was very curious what he would do with a horror movie. Would it be goofy and funny, or serious? Knowing Smith, it would probably be serious right up to the moment when two would-be victims appear to discuss the finer points of Hobbit homosexual needs.

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