Is Mad Max Fury Road Finally Revving Up?

The last time George Miller talked about doing another Mad Max movie (the fourth one, which many are speculating will be “Fury Road”), he sure wasn’t sounding too high on Mel Gibson reprising his role as Max Rockatansky, lone warrior of the Australian wastelands, and protector of dogs. In fact, Miller was actually talking about going the animated route. According to Aussie online newspaper The Herald Sun, Miller is indeed starting work on a fourth Mad Max movie, but it won’t be animated.

Says the Sun, which I’m told is a bit suspect when it comes to credibility, so take it with a grain of salt:

Director George Miller is gearing up to shoot the fourth film in the ground-breaking Aussie road warrior franchise, industry sources say.

Scouting for locations is under way for the movie, which many thought would never get off the ground.

It could go into production later this year.

But it’s highly unlikely Gibson will be asked to take his leathers out of mothballs to revisit the role that made him an international star.

I think that’s a given. Miller doesn’t seem interested in getting Gibson back in the role, and I doubt if Gibson is interested in slipping on the post-apocalyptic black leather one more time. Having said that, the best route would probably be to just reboot the sucker, and create an entirely new mythology around the character.

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