Is Mark Wahlberg Bringing his Brand of Pissed Off Badassness to Transformers 4?

Mark Wahlberg


Nevermind. Bay has already shot down the rumor, writing:

The Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor. Mark and I are talking about another film project.

Hey, I was almost right…

Original Post Below:

So much for that earlier rumor that the leads in Michael Bay’s “Transformers 4” would be a high school girl and her Texas car racing boyfriend. (Well, okay, that could still pan out. I mean, we are talking about a bunch of rumors here, after all.)

Anyhoo. The latest casting rumor for Bay’s latest entry in the highly lucrative transforming robots from outer space franchise has the lead being a much older gent. Older, but still very much prone to being pissed off and getting into people’s faces. Or, er, robotic faces, in this case.

Twitch reports that they are hearing rumors that has Wahlberg and Bay in “early conversations” for the erstwhile rapper to headline “Transformers 4” as its new male lead, now that Sam Witwicky and company have been jettisoned completely for a whole new cast of human resistance to the invading alien robots.

What, Jason Statham isn’t good enough for you, Michael Bay?

If I had to guess, I think I know how this rumor originated. Bay and Wahlberg are currently shooting the director’s low-budget (well, in terms of Bay films, anyway) “Pain and Gain”, the true life crime film that also stars Dwayne Johnson. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone overheard Wahlberg and Bay chatting about “Transformers 4” one day and immediately jumped to conclusions. Thing is, I can’t see Wahlberg fronting a big-time movie franchise like “Transformers”; mostly, I don’t see Wahlberg playing second fiddle to a bunch of CGI robots.

But hey, I could be wrong. It’s been known to happen.