Is Marvel Doing a Black Panther Movie Next? The Interwebs Says Yes!

The Black Panther Comic BookThe Black Panther gets no respect. And dude is like, the King of his own nation, too. Last we heard, a “Black Panther” movie had gotten a screenwriter, but that was way back in 2011. Has something changed?

Possibly. According to the boys at Latino Review, Marvel is eyeballing the King of Wakanda as n one of their upcoming two feature-length films post “Thor 2”, “Captain America 2”, and the upcoming “Iron Man 3” (with many expecting “The Avengers” sequel to be the other one).

LR cites anonymous sources, but from my experience, they have been more right than not when it comes to Marvel stuff. I get the feeling they have someone in the ol Marvel mothership feeding them info.

Whatever the case, if this turns out to be true, then it’s about damn time. The Black Panther is a black superhero from the African nation of Wakanda, famous for its huge supply of vibranium metal, the Marvel Universe metal-from-outer-space that Captain America’s indestructible shield is made of. The Panther, besides being the King of an entire country made wealthy by their supply of vibranium, is basically Captain America minus the super soldier serum — aka superhumanly strong, tough, and agile. Plus, he’s extremely well-educated and smart.

Wakanda has appeared in the background of “Iron Man 2”, but that’s pretty much an Easter Egg for comic book geeks. For everyone else, this will be their first exposure to one of Marvel’s longest-running superhero characters.

The Black Panther Comic Book