Is Marvel Planning a Third Hulk Movie … and Beyond? (SPOILERS!)

The Hulk in The Avengers (2012) Movie Image

So, yeah, lots of POTENTIAL SPOILERS in this one, if it all turns out to be true, that is. Or even just semi-true. Thing is, it could be mostly true, entirely true, or entirely wrong. But then you have to factor in the site responsible for this, which happens to be the guys at Latino Review, and it’s hard not to think this is, more likely that not, kinda/mostly/probably all true. Those guys have proven that they have some pretty deep sources within the bowels of Marvel Studios, and as far as I can recall, they’ve always been dead on with their scoops.

But man, this is BIG.

The thing is, if true, the scoop would encompass almost what, 7-8-9 years of future Marvel releases? Including potential plot points of “The Avengers 3”. (Oh, let’s not kid ourselves. “The Avengers 2” in 2015 is going to be friggin’ big, and that will mean an “Avengers 3” 2-3 years down the road.) So yeah, it’s pretty far-reaching … IF TRUE.


Planet Hulk Comic BookSo, according to LR, the ending of “The Avengers 2” will see the Hulk lose it and become a major menace, enough that the heroes of the Marvel Universe (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc) will decide it’s best to jettison poor Bruce Banner and the Hulk out into space in an adaptation of the “Planet Hulk” storyline by Greg Pak.

Why was it called “Planet Hulk”? Well, the Hulk lands on an alien planet (thanks to a frisky wormhole) and becomes a gladiator, battles a bunch of aliens (including some familiar ones — like the Silver Surfer), before eventually becoming king of this planet.

But that’s not all! According to LR, “The Avengers 3” will see the Hulk, along with his warrior followers, return to Earth for a little revenge, in an adaptation of the “World War Hulk” storyline, also by Pak! You can, of course, imagine that these two major events will affect a lot of other Marvel movies, possibly even the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” and beyond. In “World War Hulk”, basically every single Marvel character shows up to do battle with the Hulk.

So yeah, major, major plot reveals here … IF TRUE. I can’t stress that enough.

Here’s LR’s video featuring their scoop that I just bullet pointed for you above.

If “Planet Hulk” sounds familiar, that’s because Marvel had previously put out a “Planet Hulk” animated film starring the Hulk. You can see a trailer for that below:

World War Hulk Comic Book