Is Marvel Prepping a Doctor Strange Movie Using Thor 2: The Dark World?

Doctor Strange Comic BookI was never that big a fan of Marvel’s Doctor Strange character, but then again, magic and such was never something I was really interested in all that much in my comics. What can I say? My comic book preference always seem to lean more towards dark, gritty vigilantes and whack out superheroes.

But there are a lot of fans of Doctor Strange out there, and the most important fan is Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige. And it’s been proven over the years that what Feige wants, Feige gets. After all, who was demanding a “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie before it actually happened? Kevin Feige was, that’s who. (By the way, the idea of a “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie still baffles me from a commercial, mainstream appeal standpoint, but whatever, Marvel will do what Marvel wants. It’s always worked for them in the past, no need to stop now, I suppose.)

Marvel and Feige have been talking about a possible Doctor Strange movie for years now, but will the master of the mystical arts finally get his proper introduction in … “Thor 2: The Dark World”?

That’s currently the going rumor involving Stephen Strange, aka Doctor Strange. But how? The boys at ScreenRant have conveniently rounded up all the current “Doctor Strange” movie news for us, starting with how a Strange introduction would work in “Thor 2”:

The Playlist claimed that Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster could be working alongside Dr. Strange in a similar capacity as she did with Stellan Skarsgård’s Dr. Erik Selvig in the first film, and that Strange would be playing a big part in “all three acts” of the film, as opposed to being relegated to a cameo-type introduction. He would play a scientist (he’s a genius neurosurgeon in the comics) and someone who’s deeply interested in Foster’s stories and knowledge about Asgard and Thor.

That could work. Similar to how Marvel is introducing the world of the space-faring “Guardians of the Galaxy” within their “Avengers” franchise, since the two films have space/aliens in common. Likewise, a magic-heavy “Doctor Strange” movie would benefit from being introduced in the magic-heavy world of Thor.

But wait, that’s not all!

“Thor 2: The Dark World” is kicking off production pretty soon, with sets already being built and what have you, so if Doctor Strange is going to appear in “Thor 2”, they best cast him fast, right?

According to even more Internet scuttlebutt, Joel Edgerton (“Warrior”) was Marvel’s choice to play the Sorcerer Supreme, but it appears unlikely that will happen given Edgerton’s busy schedule. Marvel’s second choice?

Viggo Mortensen.

So there you have it. The latest batch of rumors regarding a Doctor Strange movie. Take it all in. Let it breathe. And do with them what you will.

Viggo Mortensen