Is Mathieu Amalric Bond 22’s Villain?

The still untitled Bond 22 movie may have gotten its villain — or at least, the actor to play it, so sayeth’s Roger Friedman, whose sources indicated that Amalric had nabbed the gig, although Amalric himself wouldn’t confirm. So who is this guy? According to Friedman: “He’s a youthful looking 42-year-old overnight sensation, an independent French film director who only started seriously acting in films at age 30 and has suddenly been thrust into a hot career.” And also according ot Friedman, Amalric is so good in his latest movie, “The Divine Bell and the Butterfly”, that an Oscar nomination might not be far off.

More from Friedman:

Even though sources insist it’s true, Amalric would neither confirm nor deny. Since his “Diving Bell” character communicates through blinking, we thought of asking him to do just that — one for yes, two for no — but thought better of it. Anyway, expect a formal announcement shortly. This is a done deal.

So there you have it. Bond 22’s villain will be played by Mathieu Amalric.


According to The Denver Post (via), Robert Knepper (Prison Break’s unkillable T-Bag) is rumored to have snagged the plum bad guy role. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Is Mathieu Amalric Bond 22’s Villain?