Is Melanie Laurent Tarantino’s Very Cute Bastard Female Lead?

Has Quentin Tarantino found his Jewish Princess for his World War II talky slaughterfest aka “Inglorious Bastards”? Maybe, maybe not. According to the blokes over at Dark Horizons, who quotes a French movie site called Monsieur Cinema, French actress Melanie Laurent has indeed won a leading role in the film. Which could only mean one thing: she’ll be playing Shoshanna Dreyfus, a Jewish girl who is the only survivor of a bloody Nazi manhunt that claims the lives of her entire family, a sequence that opens “Inglorious Bastards”. Later, she ends up helping the American Nazi-killin’ squad led by Brad Pitt, who hops their way into France to do some Nazi scalpin’.

Says Dark Horizons:

A source close to Laurent indicates the actress has already flown to Los Angeles to work with Tarantino.

Which role isn’t specified, though considering her appearance it’s believed to be that of the female lead chatacter Shoshanna Dreyfus, a French Jewish girl who flees the Nazis as a teenager and later inherits a Parisian movie theater.

Well, she’s definitely French enough, and Tarantino has said he wants to cast natives for the roles, and the film does take place in Nazi-occupied France. So there you go. Melanie Laurent is Tarantino’s princess bastard. Probably.

Below: Melanie Laurent’s reaction when informed that she’ll be the leading lady for a former videostore clerk’s movie.

Melanie Laurent