Is MGM Finally Moving Ahead with Their Child’s Play Remake?

Child's Play (1988) Movie ImageDepending on who you ask, it would appear so. Although nothing has been confirmed at the time of this writing, it would appear that MGM and Universal have put their differences aside regarding the long-awaited “Child’s Play” remake. Since MGM holds the rights to the first film and Universal has laid claim to the sequels, a handful of legal issues have arisen. However, these problems have apparently been squashed, allowing MGM to move ahead with their plans to return the series to its roots. In other words, there should be a lot less comedy and a lot more horror. I honestly don’t have a problem with that.

What’s even more exciting is that Brad Dourif is scheduled to return as the voice of Chucky. That alone makes me a little less skeptical regarding this particular remake. The premise itself is teeming with possibilities, and as long as someone makes good use of Don Mancini’s script, we may have something worthwhile on our hands. At any rate, it has to be better than “Seed of Chucky”. Right? Dear God, let’s hope so.

“Child’s Play” should begin enter production later this year.

Child's Play (1988) Movie Image

Via : MovieWeb