Is NBC’s The Bionic Woman in Trouble?

It certainly sounds that way, at least according to this article in Sci Fi Wire. Basically, producer Glen Morgan has now walked from the show over “creative differences”, leaving David Eick as the lone show runner. And although “The Bionic Woman” is currently shooting its fifth episode as we speak, the departure of Morgan and rumors that the show is going to shut down production continues to filter through Hollywood. Or as some insiders put it, the show “might take a break in order to give the writers a chance to focus on refining the show’s directions.” I.e. No one likes how this show is going, and want to take it apart. Maybe.

I reviewed the pilot, which I’m told has since been changed up quite a bit, last month (you can read it here), and found it to be good, or at least, I think it has potential.

For one, although she’s undoubtedly a very attractive girl, Michelle Ryan is too understated, and the show doesn’t have that “Ooompth” factor to get it noticed in a season full of strong sci-fi/fantasy show premises. If you were to compare the pilot to, say, the pilot of “Alias”, with “Alias” at 10, “Bionic Woman” would end up somewhere at 5. But the show did do something very right — having two bionic women, with the other one played by Katee Sackhoff, who just steals the pilot.

NBC’s new take on the bionic woman premieres September 26.