Is Neill Blomkamp Directing The Hobbit?

It seems like the obvious choice, doesn’t it? You could even say that Neill Blomkamp owes his career to Peter Jackson, the Godfather of the two “Hobbit” films, currently in production with no director attached, having produced Blomkamp’s break-through hit film “District 9”, and before that trying to get a “Halo” movie made with the chap. As good as “District 9” turned out to be, the film wouldn’t have gotten nearly as many eyeballs or interest if Jackson’s name wasn’t attached to it in every advertising or poster.

And with Guillermo Del Toro having bailed on “The Hobbit”, Peter Jackson and MGM are looking for a replacement director, and since Blomkamp has yet to dived into his next project post-“District 9” … could it be? It would make perfect sense.

According to, a source tells them that Blomkamp has gotten the job, though they reiterate that it’s a rumor at this stage and can’t confirm it. Here’s what they said:

However, we did receive a spy report that stated it as cold, hard, unsurprising fact. We haven’t been able to get a verification but the tip stated some other information on the side that fits with other info from other sources. A bunch of little pieces of information, some rock solid, some unclear, start to form a big picture that looks like it could have Blomkamp in it. I promise to explain it all if you will keep reading!

Like I said, it makes perfect sense for Blomkamp to direct the two “Hobbit” films. He’s definitely a talented director, and he’s already proven that he can do lots with little (for all its sci-fi and CG-ness, “District 9” is a relatively cheap production by Hollywood standards), so he’ll no doubt be able to handle the “epic” scale of the two films. Plus, he may feel that he owes Jackson for his success, and this may be his payback.

One thing’s for sure, though: the studios really, really want Jackson to direct the two films himself, but Jackson really, really doesn’t want to do it. And with Comic Con just around the corner, could we start hearing about a major announcement very soon?

We shall see…