Is Nick Cave Working on the Script for Stephen Norrington’s The Crow?

Simply put, I do not support “Blade” director Stephen Norrington’s forthcoming redux of “The Crow” in any way, shape, or form. The original is a dark, modern-day masterpiece, and the very idea of someone as lackluster as Norrington fiddling with the franchise is enough to send me into violent fits of icky fanboy rage. The only intriguing aspect of the entire project is the supposed involvement of screenwriter/actor/musician Nick Cave who, according to The Wrap, is currently at work rewriting the script. As a fan of “The Proposition”, his involvement does give the production some much-needed credibility, but I’m still not sure if this is something that needs to happen. The fate of the film rests on who will portray doomed musician Eric Draven.

Until that happens, feel free to color me very skeptical.