Is Nicolas Winding Refn Off The Equalizer with Denzel Washington?

Nicolas Winding RefnYes, according to Internet reports, which has Nicolas Winding Refn (of “Drive” fame) leaving the big-screen adaptation of the ’80s TV series to pursue other adventures (probably with his new BFF Ryan Gosling, the duo currently working together on “Only God Forgives”, and was reportedly considering doing the remake of “Logan’s Run” together as well).

Refn was reportedly in talks to helm the Denzel Washington actioner last year, but according to Collider, the deal never went through, and Refn is now off to do something else.

“The Equalizer” would have starred Washington as Robert McCall, a former intelligence operative of exceptional skill (I guess you could say he has a very specific set of skills) who has retired to a quiet life of working at the Home Depot. Yes, the Home Depot. (At least, in the script that I read.) McCall’s life takes a turn for the violent when a girl he has befriended gets caught up in some trouble with Russian pimps. McCall decides to step in and, well, “equalize” things.

Sony is said to be very high on the script by Richard Wenk, and I can see why. The script essentially turns McCall into some kind of superhero, with McCall possessing “Kato Vision” ala Kato from Michel Gondry’s 2011 movie “The Green Hornet”. It’s the kind of role that was tailor made for a guy of Washington’s cinematic, well, skill set, if you will.

The studio was also looking at a 2014 release date for the film.

Denzel Washington in Safe House (2012) Movie Image