Is Rob Cohen’s Medieval Dead?

Apparently yes, according to a source of Latino Review. For now, at least. Apparently the big sticking point is that the studio wanted Rob Cohen, the film’s director, to introduce a central leading man to the movie instead of the ensemble cast that the film calls for. This, after Cohen had already gone to Romania and spent something along the lines of $12 million building sets and doing pre-production. And people wonder why Hollywood movies cost so much. Because studios think nothing of shutting down a production after spending $12 million, that’s why.

Rob Cohen had previously passed up the chance to direct the third “xXx” movie with returning star Vin Diesel in order to direct “Medieval”, described as a “Magnificent Seven in the Middle Ages”. More details about the film, including a script review, can be found here. If this is true, then it’s definitely a case of “too bad”, because this is exactly the kind of action movie I usually eat up.

I am a bit amazed that a studio would forsake $12 million completely, so I’m inclined to believe that New Regency via Fox plans on resurrecting the movie in the future, but for now has just jettisoned Cohen until they can get a director and writer onboard that they can get to shape the script and subsequent movie into something they want. My guess is, the film will be resurrected in the future with a new director attached.

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