Is Scream 4 a Tangled Mess of Messiness Destined for Messhood?

“Scream 4” is already rolling cameras under the direction of Wes Craven in Michigan, working from Kevin Williamson’s script, but that doesn’t mean all is well. As previously reported, Lake Bell has dropped out of the film, citing that ever popular catch-all for leaving movie projects, “scheduling conflict”. Meanwhile, “Gilmore Girls’s” Lauren Graham has also dropped out, supposedly because rewrites on the script meant so little screentime for her character, she felt pointless to even be in the movie.

Wait, what? Rewrites? Yup. Rewrites. On the Kevin Williamson script.

Zap2it has some disturbing gossip (and at this point, that’s all it really is, as they cite unnamed sources) from the set. The biggest rumor has to be that the studio has all but relieved franchise creator Kevin Williamson (top, left) of his duties, and Ehren Kruger (one of the writers on “Scream 3”) has been brought onboard to rewrite Williamson’s script. As a result, Williamson is now completely off the franchise, and the fate of Williamson’s proposed new “Scream” trilogy is up in the air. (Of course, if “Scream 4” is a hit, I’m sure the studio won’t have any problems quickly making two more.)

That’s not all: the Kruger script is apparently to blame for the departure of Lauren Graham, and is apparently not sitting well with new castmember Hayden Panettiere, who sources say are “frustrated” with the changes in the script that has “dumbed down” her nerd character. Of course, given Panettiere’s lack of movie prospects, she’d be wise to grin and take the dumbing down.

And you thought Ghostface killer was the only thing the cast had to worry about!

Update: Citing their own sources “close to the production”, STYD has their own take on the Kevin Williamson/Ehren Kruger mess:

Okay, here’s what a source close to the production called to tell me this morning. Yes, Ehren Kruger has been brought in to do a bit of polishing. But no, Williamson isn’t “out” by any means. As you know, he’s also working hard on the second season of Vampire Diaries for the CW. While he’s away fulfilling his commitments on that show, the production called upon Kruger to assist on the script. Some chatter about Lauren Graham’s departure has made it sound like she wasn’t thrilled with the sequel, however, it was another case of production scheduling and she’s off to work on Parenthood.

Meanwhile, “Community’s” Alison Brie (below) has joined the cast as Rebecca, a secretary for Neve Campbell’s character who envies Sidney Prescott’s infamy. Someone’s looking for a knife to the ribs!

Alison Brie in Community TV Series