Is Spike Lee Bringing his Righteous Indignation to the Long-Gestating Oldboy Remake?

Hollywood has been trying to remake Park Chan-Wook’s revenge thriller “Oldboy” for a while now. At one point, Will Smith and Steven Spielberg got involved and a screenwriter hired. But if two powerhouses of cinema like those two couldn’t get this thing rolling, what chance does … Spike Lee have? I don’t know the answer to that, but according to their sources, the boys at Twitch says the “Do the Right Thing” director is currently “in talks” to direct the remake.

The site doesn’t cite any sources, named or unnamed, just that they’ve “learned” of the ongoing talks between the director and the producers, including the notorious Roy Lee, who has never met an Asian film he didn’t want to remake in Hollywood. Google Lee’s name; if you’re one of those Asian cinema purists who hates all the recent slew of American remakes, chances are Lee was responsible for 90% of them in some capacity or another. I kid you not.

The original “Oldboy” by Park starred Min-sik Choi as a man who is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years without knowing the reasons why, only to find himself suddenly released, after which he goes in search of his captors to deliver some payback. Much asskicking ensue.

Lee’s last feature film was 2008’s World War II movie “Miracle at St. Anna”, and he’s been keeping busy on TV since.

Here’s a scene from “Oldboy”. YOU try fighting a bunch of guys in a tight corridor with a knife sticking out of your back…