Is Sylvester Stallone Still Considering Steven Seagal For Expendables 3?

Steven Seagal

Although Sylvester Stallone has asked a lot of action stars to help out with his “Expendables” franchise, one guy who has managed to elude his grasp is Steven Seagal. Since the “Out for Justice” star comes with a far amount of baggage, getting him to agree to anything can be difficult. This stuff tends to happen when your ego outweighs your worth. But, I digress.

Stallone previously mentioned that Seagal was out of the running for “The Expendables 3,” much to the dismay of the guy writing this article. However, Sylvester suggested in a tweet earlier today that he’s still hoping the big guy will sign on for the upcoming sequel. Stop teasing us, Seagal! Just do the job, already. Sheesh.

Could this mean that Stallone is still trying to get Seagal for the project? Could be. Or maybe he just wants to talk to Seagal about traveling through Russia or organizing Arizona posses. It’s really all just speculation. However, Stallone has been teasing “Expendables 3” information on the social media site all year. You never know.

In addition to dropping news about Seagal, Stallone also tweeted that “Mighty Mickey” Rourke will return for the sequel. He also suggested that he can put together better fight scenes than the stuff found in “The Raid.” Good luck with that.

Here’s hoping Sylvester Stallone gets Steven Seagal to sign on for at least a cameo in “The Expendables 3.” The old-school “Hard to Kill” and “Above the Law” fan residing in my soul wants this to happen like nobody’s business. Hopefully more news will drop soon.

Via : Twitter