Is That Mark Hamill Or Not In The New Return Of The Jedi Clip?

This past weekend “Star Wars” nerds everywhere, myself included, crapped their pants over a long-rumored deleted scene from “Return of the Jedi” that screened at “Star Wars Celebration V”. The footage shows Luke Skywalker assembling his green lightsaber in a cave on Tattooine. Everyone was psyched and fanboys worldwide giggled and watched the clip repeatedly.

As it turns out, that might not actually be Luke Skywalker, or at least not Mark Hamill. Geeks of Doom found video from Comic-Con 2009 where an interviewer from asks him about that specific scene. At that time Hamill said he didn’t remember shooting such a scene, though he introduced the clip at the celebration.

Did Hamill legitimately not remember shooting this when he was asked? It’s possible. It has been a few years since “Jedi”, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he legitimately didn’t recall it at the time. Hell, I don’t remember what I did yesterday, much less 27 years ago.

Now the question is, if that isn’t Hamill in the clip, does that make it bullshit? Just because it isn’t him doesn’t mean it isn’t from “Jedi”. After all, the scene where his hand is being repaired isn’t him either, it’s a double, and no one is calling them out for that. Then again, that was never presented 27 years after the fact as something to generate hype for a Blu-Ray release.

Is this a deliberate affront to some of the most dedicated fans in the world? Or is it an honest mistake? Despite my lifelong fandom, I’m too used to disappointment to care all that much either way anymore. Though the original sheen of this new footage is certainly gone. It would have been a cool addition to the original, but at this juncture it’s largely pointless. Nothing George Lucas can do at this point can redeem him. He should stop trying. The thing that pisses me off the most is that the Blu-Ray release of the original movies is going to be the janky ass re-releases instead of good versions.

The good folks over at Cinema Blend have an entertaining running commentary going on as the try to discern the truth at the heart of the matter.