Is the CW Eying a Superhero Programming Block with Arrow and Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman Comic BookWell if they are, it would be quite the powerful viewing night for fanboys and fangirls everywhere, that’s for sure. Of course, it still remains to be seen if the CW will move forward on the “Wonder Woman” origins TV show that they are currently developing, though if “Arrow” proves to be a hit, you can see an “Arrow”/”Wonder Woman” block of programming working quite well.

Greg Berlanti, producer on the gritty, no-superpowers-allowed superhero show “Arrow” certainly thinks it would be a grand idea, telling THR:

Absolutely! If there’s room for a thousand reality shows, hopefully there’s room for a thousand shows like this. My hope is we’re successful enough that we’re all on the air together, that’d be great.

Berlanti’s partner and fellow producer Marc Guggenheim agrees:

It harkens back to the years of my childhood where you had The Six Million Dollar Man and Wonder Woman and all these superhero-like genre shows all on the dial and all you had to do was change the channel. I think there’s totally room for both shows. It would be fun to share a night with them; the CW programs two hours a night and that’d be a pretty kick-ass night of television.

“Arrow”, set to debut later this year, will star Stephen Amell as the hooded vigilante Green Arrow (though I’m not sure they’ll ever actually call him “Green Arrow” on the show, but he will green-ish leather). The show has promised to remain “gritty and grounded”, which means no one will be sporting superpowers of any kind.

That, uh, would make it difficult to reconcile “Arrow’s” world with that of “Wonder Woman”, since, well, her name is Wonder Woman, for God’s sake, and she has powers. Of course, like “Arrow”, the CW is currently calling the Wonder Woman show “Amazon”, and they could conceivably never call her Wonder Woman on the show and eschew the funky bikini and armored bustier or whatever it is you call the ensemble that she traditionally wears.

Of course, as “Arrow’s” other producer (how many producers does this show have, anyway?) points out, even if the CW were to put the two shows on the same night as a block programming, the two characters don’t necessarily have to cross over. Yet, anyway. After all, you can’t present two superhero shows from the same comic book universe back to back and not have them cross over. That’s just being mean to the viewers.

“Arrow”, starring Amell, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, Kelly Hu, and Jessica De Gouw premieres October 10, 2012.

Stephen Amell in ARROW - Pilot Episode