Is the Evil Dead Remake Script Complete? Bruce Campbell Seems to Think So.

Of course, you have to ask yourself this question: Is Bruce Campbell screwing with your mind? He’s been known to play a joke or two, so it’s best to take what he says with a grain of salt. While doing some promotional tomfoolery for “Burn Notice”, Campbell was posting answers to various questions over at Reddit. Not surprisingly, a question about the supposed “Evil Dead” remake popped up in conversation, and being the dapper man that he is, Campbell dropped a bit of knowledge on the masses regarding this project.

Here’s the bit about the script:

The script is awesome. I will be one of the producers and possibly play the milk man.

And a little more regarding the franchise’s future:

In all honesty, we would all love to make another ‘Evil Dead’ movie. When that will happen? Who can say — we’re all working on other jobs right now. We’re not trying to dodge anybody’s questions, there just isn’t that much to talk about. The remake’s gonna kick ass—you have my word.

In all honesty, I say put the brakes on the remake and hold out for “Evil Dead 4” when everyone is available. The idea of a remake is intriguing, but it will only serve as a stop-gap in-between “Army of Darkness” and whatever sequel Raimi and crew eventually cook up. And if Seann William Scott ends up playing Ash, I may eat a boomstick.