Is the Green Hornet Movie Dead? Kaput? See Ya? Maybe.

Oh Seth Rogen, will this mean you will be denying those half dozen or so diehard fans of yours who are dying to see a “Green Hornet” movie the chance to do so? Probably, probably not. We already know that Stephen Chow, pretty much the film’s only saving grace to many of us, has already bailed as director, and word is he might be bailing from the flick altogether. That doesn’t bode well for Sony, apparently, as according to this Hitfix article, without Chow onboard, the Green Hornet may be dead. D-E-D. That’s Ded, Jed!

Says Hitfix:

Ever since Stephen Chow started to waffle about his participation in the film, I’ve been hearing rumors that there were major hesitations at Sony. Then at Sundance, I heard several people say that the film was off completely. I spoke this afternoon with a source close to the film, and while they didn’t call it completely dead, they did say it is “highly unlikely” that the film will shoot in 2009 at all.

Can’t say I’m gonna cry about it if this turns out to be true. I never saw the original show, didn’t care much for the attempts at reviving it via some comic books, and let’s face it, most of us only know of the show because Bruce Lee once played Kato. So yeah, the opportunity to see Chow in his first American movie playing an ass-kicking vigilante was intriguing, but the prospect of him directing it as well — well, that made the fanboys do a collective geekgasm right there. But that was then…

But whose to say? This is Hollywood, after all. If they can give the “21 Jump Street” movie project to that fat kid from “Superbad” to do with as he wishes, whose to say if they wouldn’t keep on bull rushing their way through a doomed movie with Rogen?

Or hey, how about we dump Seth Rogen and give these Frenchies a shot instead. Look what they did with a 10-minute short film. Tell me Rogen can do better.