Is the Justice League Movie Finally Dead?

Could it be? Is the Justice League movie dead, or at the very least, been put on delay mode for a very, very long time? One can only hope. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: I’m excited about a Justice League movie, but not so much about anything that I’ve heard about it so far, including the hiring of a grandfather as director, a bunch of 20-something nobodies in the roles, and various reviews of the script, in all its incarnations. After every article I’ve written about the JLA movie, one phrase kept coming to mind: “God this is going to suck.” So is the movie dead? Maybe.

Here’s CHUD with the maybe/maybe-not quote of the week:

I’m in Long Beach at the Speed Racer junket and I briefly cornered producer Joel Silver to ask him how the Justice League movie would affect Wonder Woman. The answer: it won’t. According to Silver, who would be in the know, Justice League has been ‘tabled.’

“Tabled”? CHUD thinks it either means cancelled or delayed. I’m hoping for the former, but since Warner Bros. has sunk so much money into this thing, who know?

Joel Silver, meanwhile, is still trying to get “Wonder Woman” made, and mentions that it took him 20 years to get “Speed Racer” made, so what’s another decade or two for the Amazonian Princess? Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long, though, especially when we all know Wonder Woman would just appear in a black battle armor anyway, as is the fashionable “X-Men”-ish way to make comic book characters less comic book-y in the movies.

Update 4/22/08:

Superman Homepage adds their own inside source, who also tells them that the movie is KIA:

Today, a trusted insider who was working on the JLA movie told the Superman Homepage that the film is indeed dead…

Apparently much of the crew were given termination notice a fortnight ago, spending the past two weeks chaotically attempting to archive everything “just in case”.

“It’s a pity, there was a lot of good stuff in it – stuff that would’ve been fairly new to the screen”, said my inside source. “But also some not so good stuff… so who knows…”.

Has the fat lady truly sung? Let’s listen in, shall we…?

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