Is the Justice League Moving to Canada? Maybe…

Oh, Justice League, will you ever get made, and if you never get made, will I end up shedding a tear or jumping with joy? Who knows, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. The latest news out of JLA-ville is that Warner is pushing director George Miller to abandon his native Down Under for Canada for the film’s production.


Justice League was due to be shot at Fox Studios this year until Warner Bros suspended production last month, citing uncertainty over the new incentives. Based on a comic book, it is due to star the Australians Megan Gale, Teresa Palmer and Hugh Keays-Byrne among eight lead roles and employ a huge crew that includes visual effects specialists.

“One of the reasons for doing Justice League in this country is the opportunity to bring back all the people we lost on Happy Feet who went overseas,” Miller said. “We spent four years developing this talent and the cream of them left because they didn’t have another film to go on to …

“The idea is to say come back, start off on Justice League then move onto Happy Feet 2.”

Miller described the movie’s status as “precarious” and said Warner Bros was pushing for it to be shot overseas, with Canada the most likely option.

The big sticking point seems to be the Australian Government’s new incentive for film production, which gives a 40 per cent rebate to films produced in Australia. Some Australian producers don’t want it to apply to foreign productions, especially mammoth Hollywood ones, but without the rebate, says Miller, Warner can’t justify the film’s proposed $220 million price tag. Shooting it in Canada, as a result, would be much cheaper.

Eh, I say shelve the whole thing and start all over from scratch. Whaddaya say, boys?

P.S. For some reason, the Sydney Morning Herald article called the movie “Justice League Mortal”. Typo?

Is the Justice League Moving to Canada? Maybe…