Is the Lone Ranger Movie Up Next for Jerry Bruckheimer and the Pirates Crew?

Every decade or so someone tries to make the Lone Ranger work. It never does. The most recent stab at the masked man was a 2003 movie (a pilot for a potential series) starring Chad Michael Murray. And yes, there is a good reason you’ve never heard of it. And now rumor has it that Jerry Bruckheimer will be transporting the people who made the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie so popular (and commercially successful) over to the western plains, namely writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio and director Gore Verbinski. If the rumor pans out, we may see a revitalization of the Masked Man, because Jerry Bruckheimer wants to bring the Lone Ranger and his Indian pal Tonto to the big screen as the next big franchise. Allegedly. This rumor comes courtesy of, whose source claims a big announcement will be coming over the “Pirates 3” weekend.

The Lone Ranger really should have hit it big in the movies a long time ago. It’s got everything a movie franchise needs and wants: heroism, action, name recognition, and plenty of room for improvement. Of course they’ll have to re-work that whole Tonto as sidekick deal. The relationship as it currently stands would never work in today’s PC world.

Bruckheimer has the midas touch, so maybe…

The weekend should either put this rumor to rest or confirm it.