Is the Mortal Kombat Reboot in Trouble?

This reminds me of what happened with “Watchmen”. After years of waiting for someone in Hollywood to finally have the balls to make the movie, the film’s release was threatened with a last-minute lawsuit. In the case of “Mortal Kombat”, the film is just in the scripting stages, but that hasn’t stopped someone from filing a lawsuit anyway. The culprit is a former producer of the movie franchise, who claims his company owns more of “Mortal Kombat” than Midway Games, the creator of the Kombat games who sold the rights to Warner Bros. a while back.

Larry Kasanoff and his Threshold Entertainment are seeking compensatory and punitive damages, claiming that the franchise as it currently stands is more the product of its creation than Midway’s. Basically, they want the rights back, though I suspect the real motive may be to get a producing credit in the reboot.

Despite being burdened with the “reboot” tag, there’s little doubt that with the right director, the right amount of money thrown at it, and a slick movie trailer, a “Mortal Kombat” movie could make some serious cash and spin off a sequel or two. If nothing else, it will be “new” to everyone who didn’t grow up with the “Mortal Kombat” games, and let’s face it, there are a lot of those around.

Scorpion no like lawsuit! Take that, suing producer!