Is the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Going for a PG-13 Rating?

The boys over at AICN have landed the first review from a recent screening of the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” remake, and the word is … mediocre? That’s just one fella’s opinion, but perhaps the biggest news is that the reviewer seems to get this nagging suspicion that the movie was going for a PG-13 rating, given the general lack of gore and T&A throughout the film. You can read the entire review for yourself over at AICN, but here’s a nice excerpt that sums up the reviewer’s thoughts.

So the version I saw tonight could have been an excellent remake. At this point it’s at mearly ‘mediocre’ status in my mind, but with possible ‘good’ potential. I want for it to be good and I would love to see more of Haley. I don’t know what can be done at this point to fix the actors chosen or the missing elements to raise the horror, but I stay hopeful. The editing still has time to be tightened, as I am already forgetting the entire middle of the film except for the flashbacks. Hopefully they will keep all of the Haley scenes, possibly add to them, and trim some of ‘90210’ fat. Just please figure out do you want a PG-13 movie or R? When you make a film, you shouldn’t give a sh*t about the rating. This is a Nightmare on Elm Street… It should be a given it’s an ‘R’ rating.

Oh, who are we kidding? Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes boys made this thing for a cheap $30 million with a no-name cast (except for Haley, who is not quite a household name yet), and the movie is going to clean up at the box office. Regardless of the final rating (PG-13 or R), this thing is going to make a mint and spawn a sequel or two or half dozen. Later, they’ll sell the film with an “Unrated Edition” on DVD. Let’s face it, online fanboy bitching or not, it’s a brilliant business decision.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming remake in case you missed it: