Is the Watchmen Movie Finally Moving Forward?

Speaking of “300” (and I don’t mean to report incessant news about it, it just so happens that that’s how the cookie crumbles today, movie news-wise), its director Zach Snyder’s hoped-to-be next film “Watchmen”, the big screen adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal comic book limited series, may be moving forward, with a planned August start-up date for production. Maybe. Word from IGN is that the film is to be lensed in Vancouver, British Columbia (that’s up north in Canada, for you geographically challenged ones out there), where production offices are scheduled to open in June.

Great news, right? But wait! There’s a little problem:

Today’s New York Post points out how uncomfortably similar this season of Heroes is to the basic plotline of Watchmen. “Snyder and his bosses are probably more than a little ticked off. For a movie that will cost hundreds of millions, and could star Tom Cruise as Ozymandias if the Hollywood rumor mill is right, it can be galling to see such a pivotal plot twist used elsewhere,” the Post speculates.

Uh oh. I personally love “Heroes”, and I did notice similarities. Then again, everything in comic book has been done ad nauseaum, so I don’t find it strange that a show about gritty superheroes would eventually parallel a comic book about gritty superheroes. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Hmmm, cookies…

Here are some of the Watchmen that may be coming to a theater nearest you — well, actually, just one, a test-shot of Rorschach from here: