Is the Wolverine and JLA Movie Doomed?

Something is a’brewin’ with two of next year’s most anticipated films: the X-Men spin-off “Wolverine” starring Hugh Jackman and the “Justice League of America” movie, or as it’s getting to be known around these parts, “Justice League 90210”. The word comes from Cinema Blend, whose source tells them that preparations to the shoot the two films Down Under (aka Australia) is a no-go because there just isn’t enough space to shoot them. My guess is that the studios have decided to shoot the films in Australia because Jackman is Australian, and he probably demanded the film shoot Down Under as part of his deal; likewise with fellow Aussie George Miller, the director of “Justice League 90210.”

Another problem for JLA, says Cinema Blend, might be that the script needs work, and there aren’t any writers around Hollywood who will cross the weeks-old WGA strike picket line.

Our source says, “they don’t have a finished script and can’t work on it until the strike is over, and there’s no studio space at Fox Sydney… so maybe one of these productions will have to move to Docklands studios Melbourne (but The Pacific is taking up all the stages there) or Warner Bros Studios on the Gold Coast.” So perhaps there’s some chance for JLA to get done, of course that probably depends on how much longer the writer’s strike goes on. They’ll need enough time to finish the script and shoot it before SAG goes on strike. They’re rapidly running out of time.”

In terms of “Wolverine” — dudes, just move the production to Canada. It’s a no-brainer.

And in regards to “JLA” — seriously, you actually need a professional to write a comic book movie starring a 21-year old as Batman? Give us a break. Just go shoot this thing and make your Happy Meal burger deals, studio people. Why start worrying about “quality” now?


You can add “Thor” to the list of delayed films because of the strike.

Are Wolverine and the JLA Movie Doomed?