Is There Still Hope for a Dredd Sequel? Eh…

Dredd (2012) Movie PosterMaybe. Maybe not. If there is hope, then it’s a long shot … but yes, it’s a shot nonetheless.

I am talking about good ol fashion home video market. You know, DVD and Blu-rays? Yes, that’s right, people still rent/buy DVDs and Blu-rays. They don’t ALL stream their movies nowadays, you crazy kids and your newfangled technology and what not.

Despite taking a blood bath at the box office (the film capped off at $13 million Stateside and $32 million worldwide from a $50 million production budget — OUCH), it looks like “Dredd” has found its audience — at home.

This morning Lionsgate is crowing about the film’s success on the home market, where “Dredd” is #1 with a bullet, selling 650,000 units, with half of that on Blu-ray, making it the #1 bestselling movie of the year. Okay, so that’s #1 bestselling movie of 2013, and we’re, uh, just starting in on the year. But still — that’s good news for a movie that hasn’t had any good news since it laid a big ol egg at the box office late last year.

So what are the chances that this home video success might translate into a “Dredd” sequel? It’s not entirely unheard of, especially if the film continues to perform well through the year on other platforms like VOD, an increasingly huge part of a film’s revenue stream these days.

Of course, one of the biggest problems with making a “Dredd” movie, sequel or not, is that it’s a sci-fi film set in the future, which, yes, necessitates a higher budget than usual. Even “Dredd”, which confined much of the action to a tenement building, still cost $50 million just to make (and I’m not even getting into the promotional cost here, kids, which in some cases doubles the production budget). Keeping that in mind, “Dredd” would have to do a hell of a LOT of business on home video throughout 2013 to justify a sequel.

So yeah, when you put it that way, it still looks highly unlikely we’ll ever get a “Dredd 2”. But hey, hope springs eternal, right?

Karl Urban in Dredd (2012) Movie Image