Is This a Teaser Poster for The Wolverine?


Wolverine Minimalist Comic Book Portrait by Artist Andres RomeroIn case you didn’t read the headline, I’ll ask it again: Is this the teaser poster for James Mangold’s “The Wolverine”?

Maybe, maybe not. Hard to believe they’ve already whipped up an official teaser poster when the film itself keeps getting delayed, and have now been pushed back to 2013. But I suppose it’s not entirely impossible, though when it comes to comic book movies, you have to consider that fanboys love whipping up fake posters, and there are some incredibly talented geeks out there.

Screen Rant points to the poster’s origins here:

It is from Mangold’s offices where our first look at The Wolverine may have leaked through an Instagram photo which we’ve straightened out for a clearer image. Check out what may be the first teaser poster for The Wolverine, featuring the Japan flag in the background being sliced by Wolverine’s claws.

They link to an Instagram page that no longer has anything on it, so, yeah, do with that what you will…

What we do know is that Mangold will direct, and Hugh Jackman will star as the hairy Canuck with deadly claws. The story will take Wolverine to Japan (hence the Japanese flag-inspired poster below), where he will deal with all sorts of unsavory folks in black pajamas and wielding sharp swords.

The Wolverine Movie Poster

Author: Nix

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  • X_p

    i like it. cept for the cheesy “wolverine” font.

    • Juggernaut

      I kinda like the font. Pretty cool first image. Gives me hope. Mangold’s films have been hit or miss with me Cop Land, 3:10 To Yuma, Identity and Walk The Line were all really good, Girl Interupted I didn’t see, Kate & Leopold was garbage and Knight and Day I didn’t care enough about to watch. Hopefully he does justice to the character.

  • Dedpool

    Simple yet very effective. The Rising Soon part can go though.

    • Juggernaut

      Don’t you get it?! It’s word play Rising Soon kinda sounds like Rising Sun, y’know like land of the rising sun…Japan, Wolverine is in Jaapan in this one…get it?! Lol.
      It is a bit hokey but I don’t hate it.

      • Dedpool

        Oh I got it. Just thought it was too much.

  • LionHeart

    Apparently the folks at 2ch and the like aren’t too happy with it and its apparent “anti-Japanese imagery”, but then when are they happy with anything?


    I’d been watching japanese shows and movies since childhood (nemely GOJIRA/GODZILLA,
    James clavel’s SHOGUN). THE WOLVERINE will head a diffderent direction aan will be marked
    as a post-Tsunami era flick. there hadn’t been a movie done in that country since FAST AND
    work for me and it’s not as good as THE X-MEN films. so you fuys had better sharpen your claws
    when jackman’s movie comes out (right next to Legendary film’s Real GODZILLA movie finally
    smashes in the multiplexes!!!)