Is This WB’s Master Plan for Their Superhero Movie Universe?


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With head of WB Jeff Robinov promising that we will be hearing the studio’s grand plan for their superhero movie universe within a few weeks, it’s only fair that movie blogs start digging deep into the bowels of Warner Bros. for any scoop they can get their little movie blogger hands on.

The boys at Cosmic Book News believe they have one such scoop, and according to them, it all hinges on the success of the upcoming “Justice League” movie. Which is kinda like saying Paris Hilton’s entire reason for being famous hinges on the invention of the camera.

In any case, for those of you who wouldn’t mind doing a little speculatin’, here are the bullet-points from CBN’s article:

Batman by Alex Ross- A successful “Justice League” movie (they’re saying 2016 instead of 2015) will lead to “production on The Flash, Green Lantern 2, Wonder Woman and The Batman to speed up 100 fold”. David Goyer, previously rumored to be directing the movie, is currently writing up a treatment.

– Directors Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”) and Joseph Kosinski (“Oblivion”) are WB’s choices for the Batman reboot and “Green Lantern 2″, respectively.

– Post-“Justice League”, you can expect a “World’s Finest” team-up movie between Bats and Superman in 2017, and a new superhero movie every year after that ala what Disney is doing with their new “Star Wars” franchise.

– Zack Snyder, who was previously rumored for the “Justice League” directing gig, is expected back on “Man of Steel 2″ in 2017.

So there you have it. Will any of the above turn out to be true? Probably. Some of it seems kind of a no-brainer (the whole “Justice League” movie leading to the other movies, for instance), while others, like a “World’s Finest” movie, sounds more like fanboy fantasies rather than something Warner Bros. might do. Then again, if studios like Warner Bros. and Fox are dead set on aping Marvel (and why wouldn’t they, given that studio’s massive success), then it could very well happen.

We’ll know for sure, or know a little bit more, when Jeff Robinov finally unveils the WB slate. Soon, hopefully.

Then again, I would LOVE to see this scene play out in a “World’s Finest” movie:

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  • TheStrongestThereIs

    All I want is a Flash movie. Batman shouldn’t be re-made yet unless they plan on shooting it grittier and lower budget. At least in the beginning. I Personally only want to see the detective side of batman for awhile, being that its the part we’ve seen the LEAST of. I.E. give me a Riddler movie that hinges more of the psychological aspects of batman and his nemesis. Doing this, they can also play off of how sweet batman is JUST BEING A HUMAN, while in the midst of all these super powerhouses. And I personally think justice league will fail unless they base the story similar to that used in the JLA animated ” New Frontier” in which they centered the story mostly around getting to know the Martian Manhunter and that leading into his meeting with batman, and THEIR issue leading into needing All the heroes for the big bad.

    • Dedpool

      GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!! You telepathic vampire you!!! LoL. I had some of those very same thoughts. My other idea for doing Batman is the exact opposite at least when it comes to his villains. I definitely want to see the detective side brought out but I also want to see some of the more colorful villains as well like Croc, Riddler, Hatter, Freeze, etc.
      As for JL I’ve often said J’onn should be our POV character and that it sghould center around him. Also The Justice League show was similar even though it was Superman he called out to. I’d like something along the lines of the WHite Martian story/JL pilot.

  • Juggernaut

    As acknowledged in the article this is a no brainer,. Of course the plans all lie on the shoulders of a JL film’s success. Arronofsky could pull off a great Batman and Kosinski seems tailor made to tackle GL however, the real question is how are they going to execute the JL film?! With the upcoming Man Of Steel having great early reviews and no doubt busting the box office upon its release we can assume that Henry Cavill will be reprising his role as Superman for JL and a MOS sequel. But what about the othert members of the team? Will Ryan Reynolds be back as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern or are they going to re-cast? Will Christian Bale be on board as Bruce Wayne/Batman? Will Joseph Gordon Levitt step in as the new Dark Knight? How will other core members like Wonder Woman and Flash?

    • Dedpool

      No Bale and no Levitt. Love em bothbut we gotta get away from Nolan’s trilogy.

      • Online72