Is Thomas Jane Not Black Enough for Headshot with Sly Stallone?


Gotta admit, the idea of Thomas Jane blasting away onscreen side by side with Sylvester Stallone sounds pretty cool. Jane as an action hero has always struck me as an untapped resource by Hollywood, and he’s always been pretty good in roles where he plays the tough guy. Even that ill-conceived “Punisher” movie did one thing right — casting Jane as the Punisher. I don’t even want to get started on the rest of the movie, though.

Previously, we reported that Thomas Jane had joined the cast of Stallone’s actioner “Headshot”, which is set to be directed by Walter Hill, a man who knows a thing or two about buddy cop movies, which is essentially what “Headshot” would be, despite the fact that Jane would play a cop, while Stallone would assay the part of a hitman. The two, though, eventually team up against a common enemy.

According to AICN, though, Jane may be on the outs. While Stallone and Will are said to still be keen on having Jane join the team, Dark Castle, where the film is currently housed, wants a more ethnic sidekick for Stallone. The reason?

[Warner Bros’ Dark Castle] wants Jane replaced with someone more “ethnic” in order to meet an in-house formula-for-success. The word is that Jane’s still the favorite for Hill and Stallone, but the studio is insistent on getting a minority in the role.

Dark Castle is run by Joel Silver (right), and as Joblo points out, the uber producer has found plenty of success where he’s paired a white leading man up with a black sidekick in films like “The Last Boy Scout”, “48 Hours”, and the “Lethal Weapon” series.

The problem, of course, is that Jane was already signed to the film before it landed at Dark Castle, which makes you wonder how they’re going to force Jane out, and what happens if Stallone and Hill says No?

Author: Nix

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  • Evilloin

    “Even that ill-conceived “Punisher” movie did one thing right — casting Jane as the Punisher.” – Jane sold that script and that movie… If you brought Travolta as a villian, you weren’t watching the same movie… Do we really need another “Rush Hour”? Let the two white guys make a movie…

  • Brian

    Gotta love the PC Hollywood studios these days. I thought affirmative action was over…

  • Anonymous

    Studio laziness at its best: just make one of the guys off-white and you don’t need to make them distinct or interesting. As long as you cover the demographics. Did we learn nothing from Mace Windu??

    By the way, I haven’t read anything about this movie before, but twenty years ago Walter Hill supposedly wrote a remake of “The Killer” and based on the synopsis, “Headshot” sounds like it could’ve started as that.

  • baddog

    I guess we will find out who has the biggest d**k. Stallone and Will or Dark Castle? I will put my money on Stallone and company.

  • Anonymous

    Minority be damned. This is stupid how do you make a movie with Sly and Jane with Walter Hill (awesome in my book due to The Warriors) and demand that a minority be in it to fit some cookie cutter “formula”??!! Dark Castle is beyond short sighted and stupid. Leave it alone and lets watch this magic on my screen. I’m black and even I call bull—