Is Vincenzo Natali Taking Splice Back to the Editing Room?

Truthfully, if this news was coming from anyone but Vincenzo Natali, I would be worried. Scratch that — extremely worried. However, the man’s track record is damn near flawless, and, believe it or not, I trust his judgment. According to the folks at Fangoria, Natali is taking his upcoming sci-fi horror opus “Splice” back to the editing room for a few “cosmetic” adjustments. I doubt it’s anything substantial, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

Here’s the scoop straight for the horse’s mouth, so to speak:

You’re going to see a slightly nipped-and-tucked version,” he reveals. “I’m actually going into the editing room next week, and if they’re true to their word, it’s just going to be cosmetic. It really comes down to Joel (Silver). He loves the movie and actually enjoys the parts that would scare most producers away. He’s being very courageous releasing this. There are also a few things I’m changing after seeing the film with an audience. I believe what will come out of it will be a new and improved cut, but in essence, it’ll be the same film.

Unless something goes horribly awry, “Splice” will invade theaters on June 4th.