Is Wonder Woman Appearing in the Batman/Superman Movie, Too?


Superman Batman and Wonder Woman by Jim Lee

So here’s what you would call a BIG OL BOUT OF SPECULATION (or BOBOS, as I like to call it) about Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Batman/Superman” movie. Then again, Warner Bros. is so secretive about the movie, every thing we’ve reported on the movie so far qualifies as BOBOS. So here’s just another one.

The BOBOS this time? Wonder Woman may appear in “Batman/Superman”. Maybe. Probably. Possibly. Or not.

According to BleedingCool, casting agents are looking for an actress who is between the ages of 25 to 33, who is “physically strong”. Word is, the agents are sending their clients over with the idea that they’re trying to land the Wonder Woman role, a BOBOS on the agents’ part that, according to BC, the studio/casting agents are not exactly denying.

So there you go. A big ol helping of BOBOS. So what else is new?

If they are casting for Wonder Woman, it would certainly make sense. Warner Bros. has had a terrible time trying to get the Amazon princess onto the big screen (or heck, even the little screen) and what better way than to introduce her, but by using their two biggest characters to date? And if it’s true that the “Batman/Superman” movie will be leading into a “Justice League” movie, it makes perfect sense to finally introduce her here, since she is, bar none, D.C.’s most famous female superhero, and is the third most important member of the Justice League besides Bats and Supes.

I guess we’ll find out eventually. “Batman/Superman” is set to shoot next year, with Ben Affleck in the bat cowl and Henry Cavill reprising the Boy Scout. Look for it in 2015.

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    I hope that WB casts Jennifer garner in the role! That would be hilarious!!! Fanboys around the world would crap! LOL

    • clarkspark

      Hahahaha XD

    • Nix

      Make this happen NOW!!!

    • Dedpool

      LMFAO!!! Good lord man, are you trying to cause riots?!?!

  • Dedpool

    Ok now how on Earth would they spin this story? Seriously? I’m usually pretty good with this sort of stuff but I can’t think of an organic way for it to work without seeming forced.
    Love the fights in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse!! Especially the WW/Barda vs Furies fight!!!! And Kara vs Darkseid was sick!

    Also, Nix, you need to make a BOBOS article just for stuff like this from now on, with a big ass BOBOS logo!! and then find a picture of a Moneky called Bobo!!

    • Kal-El-1983

      Introduce her at the end of the film, she comes seeking help to defend the Island from a threat..Ares most likely. So she seeks out Superman.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    If you guys remember correctly there were BOBOS about her being in Man of Steel too.

    I’m not a fan of Wonder Woman and I don’t want to see her on any screen that does not say “by Axel Braun first.”

    There I said it!

  • guest

    I’ve wanted Stana Katic to play Wonder Woman for a while now. I wonder if she would even be able to audition.

    • Juggernaut

      She has the look for sure. Angie Harmon would be a decent choice too, although I like her for Big Barda a bit more. I just hope that whoever they choose to cast when they decide to introduce her has the right combination of stature, physicality, beauty and presence that Wonder Woman needs.

      • Dedpool

        Both have the look, but I’m sure they’ll want to cast closer to Superman’s age. Katic is 35 and Harmon is 39 or so.

      • Kal-El-1983

        Harmon as Barda would be awesome…