It’ll be a Good Day to Die Hard (5) in 2013, Taken Again in 2012

Bruce Willis in Die Hard (1988) Movie ImageYou can’t stop John McClane. Or, er, his kids, apparently.

Fox has officially penciled in Bruce Willis’ latest McClane adventure, the now-titled “A Good Day To Die Hard” for a February 14, 2013 release date.

Like the previous “Die Hard” outing, part five will find John McClane saddled with yet another never before seen offspring, this time a teenage son. As you’ll recall, “Live Free or Die Hard” saw McClane having to rescue his captured daughter, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I guess it was too much to hope that they would just turn nerdy computer hacker Justin Long (from “Live Free”) into his long-lost son instead?

The film, the plot for which is still unknown, will be directed by John Moore of “Max Payne” fame.

The Len Wiseman-directed “Live Free or Die Hard”, by the way, also had the pleasure of starring Timothy Olyphant of “Justified” fame and Maggie Q. of “Nikita” fame as villains. Director guy Kevin Smith also had an extended cameo as a fellow computer hacker.

Meanwhile, Fox has also set “Taken 2” for October 5, 2012, Columbus Day weekend.

Liam Neeson is expected back to front the actioner, with Maggie Grace also expected back. The plot, this time, will take Neeson’s Bryan Mills to Istanbul where, one presumes, he’ll tangle with more evil “takers”.

And no, Neeson’s “Unknown” does NOT count as a “Taken” sequel.

Liam Neeson in Taken (2008) Movie Image

Via : Deadline