It’s $250 Million or Bust For That Jack Reacher Sequel

Jack Reacher (2012) Movie PosterI liked Christopher McQuarrie’s “Jack Reacher”, his adaptation of the Lee Child novel “One Shot” starring Tom Cruise as the titular character, a former MP turned wandering badass who rights wrongs and busts heads, and not necessarily in that order.

As of today, the film has earned $72 million at the domestic box office and $80 million worldwide. Not too bad for what is essentially a pretty low-key, down-to-Earth action movie without spectacular special effects, invading alien hordes, or the fate of mankind or the planet at stake. Plus, it was only working with a $60 million dollar budget — low by Hollywood standards.

What that in mind, what are the chances we’ll be seeing a “Jack Reacher 2”?

According to THR, the fate of Reacher’s continued silver screen adventures will depend almost entirely on what the Japanese, South Koreans, and Chinese do. Or, in this case, don’t do.

See, the film has already opened Stateside and various parts of the world, but it still has yet to open in Japan, South Korea, and China. The good news is that those are regions where Tom Cruise still has plenty of box office muscle. According to those in the know, “Jack Reacher” would need to hit the $250 million total box office in order to get any action on a sequel, which means the three aforementioned countries would need to do around $100 million total.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

But having said that — hey, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people, go see “Jack Reacher” when it opens in your part of the world! If you like Cruise, and you like a good old fashion head-busting action movie, you won’t be disappointed.