It’s Alive Remake Gets A Red Band Trailer

It'sAlivePicAnother day, another horror remake. What’s scary is that I’m actually starting to get used to it. In fact, I wasn’t surprised at all to see the red band trailer for the re-imagining of Larry Cohen’s cult classic “It’s Alive” lurking suspiciously within my Inbox this morning. First Look is handling the film’s release, which, strangely enough, is bypassing theaters and going directly to DVD. This is never a good sign, though judging from the clip below, it’s probably the smart thing to do. Only time will tell if curiosity can sinks its claws deep enough into my tiny little brain for me to waste 90 minutes on this potential disaster. Who am I kidding — I’m going to watch it.

Helmed by “The Thirteenth Floor” director Josef Rusnak, the film stars Bijou Phillips and James Murray as parents who must contend with their monstrously evil baby, a creature which seems to enjoy devouring rats, cats, and, eventually, human beings. October 6th is the scheduled release date, so mark your calendars accordingly.