It’s All-Out War (Again) in Battlefield 4 First Trailer and 17-Minute Gameplay

Battlefield 4 Game

Wow. “Battlefield 4” is coming out already? Well, eventually, later this year on December 31, 2013. In the meantime, Electronic Arts has released a thrilling trailer and some gameplay footage for the game. Check them out below, check them outers.

Like the previous “Battlefield”, it’s all very impressive and immersive and totally badass — that is, if you’re into first-person shooter games. Oh, who am I kidding. Considering that the last “Call of Duty” game made about a bazillion dollars, you are definitely still into first-person shooter games.

So what’s in the new, fourth iteration of the popular shooter?

  • Only in Battlefield can you experience Levolution, changing the landscape in real-time with interactive environments that react to your every move.
  • Only in Battlefield will you find the awe-inspiring power of the next generation Frostbite 3 engine, whose unrivaled audio and visual fidelity make your game more dramatic, more believable, and more human.
  • Only in Battlefield can you experience an unmatched level of all-out war that grants you the freedom to play to your strengths and carve your own path to victory.
  • Only in Battlefield do you have the power to dominate land, air and sea with all-new, intense water-based vehicle combat.

Oooh. “Levolution”. Sounds cool.

Not convinced? Check out 17 minutes of actual gameplay: