It’s Dalton’s Way or the Highway…Again in a Remake of Road House

Patrick Swayze in Road House (1989) Movie Image

Chicks dig the mullet.

I have to admit, I have a really big soft spot for Patrick Swayze’s 1989 flick “Road House”. I mean, the dude ripped some guy’s throat out with his bare hands! Whoa! Nowadays, you’d never be able to see something like “Road House” on the big screen.

Looks like MGM wants to change all that.

As they are wont to do, the folks at MGM have tapped yet another movie from their library for the remake bock — this time director Rowdy Herrington’s “Road Houses”. (I mean, the guy’s name is Rowdy, and the movie is about a kung fu fightin’ bouncer with a mullet. How can that not be a no-brainer?)

The Wrap says the remakingest studio of them all have tapped “Fast and Furious” director Rob Cohen to direct the remake. The original starred Swayze was Dalton, a mysterious bouncer who, ahem, bounces from town to town, bar to bar, dispensing frontier justice to rowdy drunks one ass kicking at a time. It co-starred Sam Elliott as Dalton’s mentor, and Ben Gazzara as the bad guy, with blonde Goddess Kelly Lynch playing the love interest.

The film spun a pseudo sequel in 2006 in “Road House 2: Last Call”, which went direct to video. See what I mean? Movies like “Road House” would never see the dark room of a theater these days. Even the original wouldn’t have made it. Ah, the glory ’80s.

Michael Stokes wrote the script for the remake.

Trailer for the 1989 original

Road House (1989) Movie Poster