It’s Elementary: Jonny Lee Miller is CBS’ Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes in AmericaWell, if they were going to remake such an iconic British character, mind as well do it with a British actor in the part, right? That may or may not be the reasoning behind CBS’ official casting of Jonny Lee Miller in their new Sherlock Holmes TV show, “Elementary”, but we’re going to go with it cause it sounds better, and lends to the notion that CBS knows what it’s doing with this endeavor. We’re hoping, anyway.

Miller, who was once famously married to Angelina Jolie, is no stranger to American TV. He’s done stints on “Dexter” and more recently fronted his own TV show, “Eli Stone”. In “Elementary”, Miller will play Sherlock Holmes, who has since relocated to New York City to deal with, one presumes, a whole new set of dangerous criminal vermin.

Michael Cuesta (of “Homeland” fame) was recently hired to helm the pilot for CBS and producers Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, and Robert Doherty, who also wrote the pilot script.

Miller is one busy fella. Besides the lead in “Elementary”, he’s got roles in Neil Jordan’s “Byzantium” and Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” coming out later this year.

Jonny Lee Miller in Eli Stone TV Series