It’s Not a Good Idea to Ask Mel Gibson About his Past Problems, Dude

Mel Gibson would like to put his past behind him, and honestly, when he’s doing press junket rounds with media outlets to promote a new movie, you should probably let it go, too. After all, what does one have to do with the other, and who exactly wants you to ask him about it? You “report” on movies, for God’s sake. It ain’t brain surgery or “we are the world” stuff, buddy.

In fact, I’d almost forgotten about that whole “the Jews put sand in my coffee” ranting of Gibson’s (or something to that effect) until I saw this video of a Chicago TV guy bringing it up again to Gibson. Take a look at Gibson’s reaction the first time, then wait for the very last seconds of the video, and you’ll hear just exactly what Gibson thinks of the line of questioning. He ain’t a happy camper, that’s all I’ll say. Later, Gibson said he was talking to his assistant, who was off-camera. Riiiiiiiiight.

By the way, Gibson called the guy “dude”. Twice. Gibson’s what, in his ’50s? I don’t think my dad can even pronounce the word.