It’s Official: Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man

Well slap me silly and call me Sally. Sony and Marc Webb have finally made their official choice for “Spider-Man” in their upcoming reboot, and it’s 26-year old actor Andrew Garfield (“Never Let Me Go”, “The Social Network”). Nothing says “authentic” Peter Parker in high school than a 26-year old British guy! Well that’s not exactly true. Garfield was born in the States, but grew up in Jolly ol England, which explains his heavily British resume, including a stint on “Doctor Who”, a show that, by British Law, every British actor must appear in at least onnce.

And hey, Tobey Maguire was 27 when he first played Spider-Man in 2002, so it’s not like Garfield is trailblazing new ground here. And yet, wasn’t the whole idea here to go back to the gritty, nerdy days of Peter Parker, high school geek? Wasn’t that why Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi were jettisoned, because their shtick had gotten “old”?

Anyways. Just to prove that this casting is indeed true and not yet another out of the blue fabrication by some blog, Sony released pictures from the official announcement, which took place in Cancun, Mexico of all places, featuring Garfield and director Marc Webb on stage.


The “Spider-Man” reboot is due out in 2012.