It’s Official: Bond 23 is a Go


Well, after a lot of fits and starts and money troubles, it looks like a Sam Mendes-directed Bond movie (that’ll be #23, in case you’re keeping track at home) is finally, officially a go for production. MGM made the announcement themselves in a short but sweet press release:

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions, together with Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, Co-Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., today announced that the 23rd James Bond film will commence production in late 2011 for a worldwide release on November 9, 2012. Daniel Craig will be returning as the legendary British secret agent, with Sam Mendes directing a screenplay written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.

So there you have it, Bond fans. The still untitled Bond 23 will commence production late 2011 for a November 9, 2012 release.

Commence the theme music!

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Good. But can i get some gadgets please? I want Q and I want gadgets. Nothing ridiculouls, but something other than a cool phone. I love that he’s more hands on but I want to see some cool spy gear.

    • Juggernaut

      I agree. I wasn’t the biggest Bond fan until Casino Royale. I loved it and QOS. The action is really fast and exiting but the one thing missing was some cool tech. Introducing Q would be cool. Who is your pick to play him (or her, these days anything is possible) My picks are Eddie Izzard or Malcom McDowell. Polar opposites I know but both exude that spastic, quirkiness.

      • Dedpool

        I would say John Cleese as Q, as he was to be his replacement in “Die Another Day,” (loved Desmond Llewellyn’s exit in “Tomorrow Never Dies”) but Malcom McDowell, or Julian Sands. If we wanted to go for a younger Q (like the young genius route) I’d say Ewan McGreggor.

      • Brent

        I loved Bond movies when I was a kid, but that feeling started to wane with the later movies, but Casino Royale made me remember how awesome they can be.

        • Dedpool

          Yeah they definitely got a bit too campy with the oneliners, but “Die Another Day” was kind of a return to what made Bond cool, with great gadgets, nice cars, sexy women and cool villains.

  • Juggernaut

    John Cleese would be cool. Ewan McGregor would be really good for a younger take on the character. Good call. I had Cleese cast as Alfred back before Batman Begins.

    • Dedpool

      Cleese would’ve been a great Alfred! And thanks Ewan is an underrated actor. He was the best part of the new SW trilogy by far!! But yeah I’d have to say malcoml McDowel, Julian Sands for older Q, and Ewan for a younger Q.

      • Juggernaut

        McGregor is a very good actor, although, he does have a tendancy to get lost in his american accents from time to time(Men Who Stare At Goats). Lol. I always like him in everything that I see him in. I could definately see him as a younger Q. Back before Nolan’s casting of as Alfred I thought of Cleese because at that time he looked nearly identical to the Alfred imn the comics. I heard that Michael Caine was cast and hated that choice. LOL! Little did I know. It seems like every time Nolan casts someone I cringe. Yet every casting choice he has made has been brilliant!

        • Dedpool

          Yeah. He’s good at seeing the underlying talent and who really fits a role.

  • Elvislovespriscilla

    all i can say is…

    • Dedpool

      You and me both. But I still say if they go young, get Ewan McGregor