It’s Official: Marc Webb to Direct Spider-Man Reboot

It’s official, boys and girls, indie director Marc Webb (whose previous credits include — er, I mean, whose feature film credit begins and ends with the romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer”) has signed on to direct the “Spider-Man” reboot. Webb’s name surfaced last week with reports that he was “talking” to “Spider-Man” producers about the gig. I guess now we know that that talk apparently went very well. So while Webb getting the gig isn’t too much of a shock, it’s still a shocker, if you know what I mean. Next stop: looking for a Peter Parker replacement. Since the reboot is going back to high school, Tobey Maguire is out of the question. What is he now, 35?

Besides starting fresh with a new director, the idea behind the reboot will be to “re-introduce” Spider-Man and Peter Parker to the audience. Because, you know, it’s been sooooooooooo long ago since he was first introduced. What’s it been, a century? Something like that. And whereas Sam Raimi used inspiration from the comic books to make his three “Spider-Man” movies, Webb will be working more from the “Ultimate Spider-Man” character that was introduced a few years ago by Brian Michael Bendis, which “re-imagined” a new Spider-Man that has to deal with teen problems like school and girlfriends as well as superpowered bad guys. Yay for more teen-centric stories about high schools and girlfriends. Bleh.

The studio is also looking to produce the film on an $80 million dollar budget, a heck of a lot less than the oodles and oodles Sam Raimi wanted to make his “Spider-Man 4”, at least according to some reports. An unknown actor will be cast as Peter Parker, which should also cut down on the cost.

The studio is looking at a 2012 release date for “Spider-Man: The CW Years”.

Ultimate Spider-Man kinda looks like regular Spider-Man, save for the black dude playing Nick Fury.