It’s Official: MGM Scraps the Next Installment in the James Bond Franchise

It’s sad, dear readers, but apparently very true: Ain’t It Cool News is reporting today that MGM has officially canceled the next installment of the James Bond series while it continues to figure out how to deal with its currentl financial woes. Although I’m not surprised by the news, it’s still a very tough pill to swallow. In this wonky writer’s extremely humble opinion, Daniel Craig helped reinvigorate a franchise that had grown impossibly stale, and the fact that he won’t be able to continue redefining this iconic character is grossly disappointing. Way to go, MGM. First you complicate “The Hobbit”, now you’re screwing with Bond. Insert angry fist shaking and colorful expletives here.

In the meantime, I suppose I’ll have to fill this particularly devastating vacancy with extremely low-quality bootleg episodes of the ill-fated cartoon series “James Bond, Jr.” That’s how truly and unapologetically pathetic I am.

What the hell were they thinking?