It’s Official: They’re Rebooting Cliffhanger

It seems like ages ago, but the last time we heard about a potential sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s mostly forgotten 1993 actioner “Cliffhanger” it was early last year, when Stallone was making noise about doing a sequel. Now it appears the sequel idea has fallen by the wayside, and instead they’ll just follow the trend of rebooting the movie. The reboot will be coming to you courtesy of Frenchies StudioCanal and producer Neal Moritz, who, I shit you not, runs a production company called “Original Films”. Oh, the delicious irony. What’s funnier? I bet Moritz doesn’t even realize it. That’s how uncreative Hollywood has gotten lately.

Anyways, the original starred Stallone and Janine Turner (you remember her, don’t you? Northern Exposure?) as Rocky Mountains climbing guides who run afoul of an evil John Lithgow, who, along with a gang of gun-toting mercenaries, are scouring the mountains for their ill-gotten cash. Things go ka-boom a lot as a result.

The Variety article doesn’t even mention Stallone’s name, so I’m assuming Stallone has nothing to do with it, either as producer, star, or director. Of course that can change, but I think it’s pretty curious that the article doesn’t even mention Stallone, seeing that he was the film’s star. They did, however, took the time to mention Renny Harlin, the original director. Read into that what you will.

Moritz and company are eyeballing a 2010 shoot.

Below: Original trailer for “Cliffhanger”. As you can see, things blow up. Lots.