It’s Official: Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher in One Shot

Outspoken hardcore fans of author Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels were undoubtedly holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, something would happen that would prevent Tom Cruise from playing their beloved Jack Reacher in the movie adaptation of Child’s “One Shot”, as previously reported here. Sorry, fans, because it looks like the deal is done and it’s now official: Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher for Paramount Pictures’ adaptation of the bestselling novel.

Christopher McQuarrie, who adapted the novel, will also direct.

While many will debate the appropriateness of casting Cruise as Reacher from here to eternity, I’m just excited to see McQuarrie back behind the camera. The last film the “Usual Suspects” scribe directed was also his directorial debut, 2000’s criminally underappreciated crime/action film “Way of the Gun”. If you’ve never seen it, go grab it now. In my opinion, it’s one of the best crime films of all time.

In “One Shot”, former military MP Jack Reacher is called back into service when a lone sniper kills a half dozen people in a small American city. Upon arriving on the scene, the smart and tough Reacher discovers that more may be going on than meets the eye. As the villains start stacking up to battle our hero, so too do the bodies.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: choosing “One Shot” to introduce an audience to Jack Reacher is very strange. There are over a dozen titles in Lee’s series of novels, and anyone of them would be a much better choice. So why “One Shot”? I haven’t a clue.