It’s Time to Get Excited About Drew Bolduc’s Science Team All Over Again

Science Team (2014) Movie Image

If your excitement for writer/director Drew Bolduc’s “Science Team” has dwindled due to a lack of updates, it’s time to inject some extremely sticky excitement into your cinematic backside. The man himself recently sent over a brand new poster for the upcoming sci-fi flick. According to the filmmaker, the movie is almost in the can. Squeal with delight if you want to. I’m trying my best to hold one back right now.

In case you’ve forgotten, “Science Team” is the follow-up to Bolduc and Dan Nelson’s cult favorite “The Taint.” If you haven’t seen this delicious slice of low-budget brilliance, then you should seriously consider correcting that problem soon. Very soon. Maybe by this weekend. That’s your homework. This NSFW teaser should help set the proverbial stage.

Here’s what the flick is all about:

“Science Team” is a completely independent sci-fi feature length motion picture produced and shot in Richmond, Virginia. The film was partially funded by crowd-sourcing through Indiegogo and is a great example of how high-quality films can be created with a micro-budget.

When Chip returns home to visit his beloved mother, he finds himself caught in the middle of an interstellar war between a telepathic space alien and a bureaucratic government organization bent on incinerating all alien life. Chip must fight to survive this ego-shattering drama of epic proportions.

Need more info about Drew Bolduc’s “Science Team”? Then swing by the movie’s official website. There’s plenty of stuff to keep you occupied until more info bubbles to the surface. In the meantime, take a peek at the new poster below.

Science Team (2014) Movie Poster