J.J. Abrams Confirms Bad Klingons in Star Trek Into Darkness

J.J. Abrams and Alex Kurtzman on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Movie Image

Curious that J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness” (and after that, the first of three new “Star Wars” movies, if not more), didn’t just hee and haw or dodge this question about Klingons in an interview with MTV. The notoriously secretive Abrams, who at times won’t even tell you the title of his movies for some precious reason only he is aware of, solidly confirms that Klingons will indeed appear in “Star Trek Into Darkness”.

Says Abrams:

Their role in this is definitely adversarial, and you’ll see how that plays out… We had shot some stuff that had Klingons in [our first ‘Star Trek’ film], and we cut the scene. It’s a deleted scene on the DVD. But they’re back in this one.

He also adds a little more about Alice Eve’s Carol Marcus character, who is featured prominently in all the promos along with the main cast:

[She’s] someone who is part of the adventure. Her role is important. She wouldn’t be in the movie otherwise.

Furthering that whole Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan talk that the Interwebs can’t seem to get enough of, Marcus originally appeared in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”, and was shown to have a major history with Kirk. I guess it makes sense she’s the love interest in this one, since Uhura and Spock are already coupled up. Can’t have Kirk running around without a skirt to chase, after all.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” again this May 17, 2013.